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Re: new lingo

Hi all

just a random post here.

last week i finally stumped up the cash for an echoplex, this is the 
that ve been gagging and drooling over for about a year and a half solid.
  in order to accomodate my new toy, i prepared a lilt place in my floor 
space for the controller.
  as i moved stuff around i decided (im easily distracted) to just plug 
my Digitech X series with its 5sec delay time.
  WADDAYAKNOW,,,,,half an hour later i emerged from the most fully 
openminded improvised loop sesh that i have managed to do for ages.
I cant belive how fun it was, i just layed some taps and drones then 
over them, then reduced the feedbacl for a bit of walking/changing pattern 
bofore getting down with a dirty groove.

made me really question what u can do with even the most basic tools


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