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RE: OT: Still looking for a loopy room mate

Hi there, Im doing Fine Art Ba Hons degre in England

at the moment Im looping whole rooms, Im looking at the possibliltys of 
repetition+mutation as a way of keeping themeatic elements (in theis case 
lets say an office table in one room can be configured the same as a 
piece in another) whist changing the tone/mood ect of the room by its 
implyed use.
Hmmmm sorry cant really remeber where i as going with this, i just left my 
desk to get a cup of tea. grrr

oh well, hope that was enllightening.

Shine on


are planning on doing a shoot accenting the musical
>idea so how might some go about incorporating the idea of loops into a
>visual presentation with a model?  -to convey the idea of sound or music 
>course?   -just curious for people's thoughts.   I certainly have some
>ideas of my own, but am always open to new ones.  -and, in a way, we've
>sort of discussed this at times anyway, when trying to come up with visual
>ideas for loop shirts and such, but this time it would be with a living
>person as part of the art.
>   <smile>  Cute response, and have a great night All...
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