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Re: Midi control of EDP

just set the edp to channel one and the QY to the same.  if memory serves, which it rarely does, page 38 (?) has the control numbers for the basic edp functions.  somebody correct me if that's the wrong page.  give the page a look and try to get your hands on a beginner book concerning midi...it's good to know how it all works. 
if you're using cc messages, make sure the edp is set to "cont" instead of "note" (or is it "con" and "not"...this also is in the manual). 
i'll check out that manual this weekend if you don't get it all worked out by then.

Chris Payne <soundboot@o2.co.uk> wrote:
The Yamaha QY70 is a pocket sequencer. Here is a page explaining more with a link to the manual:
Yes I have the EDP manual but I must be stupid or something because I can't seem to get what it says to do to work. Midi channels set correctly? Well the QY has different things on different channels I guess. What should the EDP be set to? I don't know what cc is but I'm not using notes (if you mean the keyboard as a midi controller for the functions). Hope that clears things up!
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i'll give it a shot.

what the hell is a qy70?  where can i read the manual for it?  do you have the edp manual?  midi channels set correctly?  are you using notes or cc?