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FW: Midi control of EDP

Any other info to be added ?
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From: Alan Kroeger  
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 8:15 PM
To: 'Chris Payne'
Subject: RE: Midi control of EDP

>From Section 4 Loop III manual

Here's what it said in the Loop III Manual and it seemed to work according
to the manual (nunber eight is really important because, it explains the
limits of midi synch)

Example 4.1: Syncing to an external MIDI clock

1. Set 8ths/Beat=8.This means that each beat (cycle) will be eight
eighthnotes (one measure) long.

2. Set Sync=In.

3. Connect the MIDI Out port of a clock source to the Echoplex Digital 
MIDI In port using a standard MIDI cable.

4. Make sure that your clock source is set to transmit MIDI Clocks (this
setting is usually found under a "MIDI" or "Sync" menu or function key).

5. Reset the current loop by holding down the Record button for several

6. Load a rhythm pattern or sequence into your clock source, set it up to
loop indefinitely, and hit Play. At the beginning of each measure, you will
see the sync LED flash on the Echoplex display.

7. The next time you hit Record, the Echoplex will wait for the beginning 
the next measure before starting the Record process. You end the Record
operation by pressing the Record button a second time. Instead of ending
immediately, recording will continue until the next measure boundary, as
determined by the incoming MIDI clocks.

8. Once you've recorded your first cycle this way, the Echoplex continues 
monitor the clock source and maintain synchronization. However, once the
basic loop is recorded, the Echoplex will not change the timing or

Default: 8 8ths/Beat
Parameter Row: Timing
playback speed of the loop to respond to changes in your clock rate.
Sequences with tempo changes in them, therefore, are not good choices for
sync sources for the Echoplex. Another useful variation on the above theme
is to reset the current loop and briefly send MIDI clock to the Echoplex
from your clock source. You can easily do this by playing a single empty
measure from a sequencer. Once the Echoplex has received MIDI clock while 
reset, it will know to expect more. Press Record before restarting your
clock source. Then, the Echoplex will wait for the first clock pulse before
recording, displaying "ooo" in the display while it does so. This is a good
way to get the Echoplex and a sequencer to start simultaneously. Some
sequencers make this approach difficult, however, because they send out 
clocks even when they're not actively playing.

In the manual it basicaly states that should you start or restart the loop
it will not synch. It did synch the new loop start point for me as stated
above the rest is entirely the musicians responsibility.