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Re: Chris Roberts responds to the sound of a bell and expects a scoobie snack

Well blah blah blah, peace & love, but when someone says "Fuck You!" to another member that is a personal attack and wouldn't be tolerated on any other list I've ever been a member of. Mark would have been booted off long ago for his bullshit. And I believe this was the second time he piled onto Jeff (who I consider a friend) for no reason. Some of you should "pull your head out" and deal with reality here- as long as this kind of behavior is allowed to continue, this list is essentially Mark's, and not the "community"'s (whatever that is). Wrong is wrong. Ignoring wrong makes you wrong too.


In a message dated 10/6/03 4:57:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time, cpr@musetrap.com writes:

Sorry if this seems way off, but from the outside, you guys all seem pretty
funny.. :) between virtual yelling and the implied 'waaaaa's it's all somewhat
silly when coming from adults... I think it's best to remember that opinions
are like assholes... everyone has one... ok, except maybe for victims of
those severe accidents which result in the loss of the entire bottom half
of thier bodies... ;) BUT, they still can have opinions... and, as I have
an opinion, I don't believe that our opinions about 'what is looping' or
'what gear is best' or 'whether someone needs a metronome' (hehe) should
include insults... is it not possible to disagree without belittling the
person(s) you disagree with? hmmm... maybe not.. and, well, for me, "that's
ok"... :) I hope everyone can adopt the advice given over and over again
in regards to ignoring the stuff that doesn't sit well with you, and participating
in the stuff that does... blah.. blah.. blah... :)