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Andre LaFosse -> essential loop recordings

Andre will get all modest here, but I'm gonna do this to him anyway. In my 
opinion his 1997 album "Disruption Theory" was a major milestone in the 
looping universe. It blew me away when it came out. He applied drum&bass 
chop up and reconstruct concepts to his guitar playing, and pulled off a 
lot of it live with a single echoplex, fueled by a hyperactive d&b rhythm 
section. He even has an "echoplex solo" on there. I hadn't heard anybody 
doing stuff like that before then. He brought all sorts of new looping 
techniques to the table, many of which he's continued to develop in 
remarkable ways into his current unique style. Best of all, he used the 
ideas musically. "Disruption Theory" rocks! There's a reason people on 
list mention him all the time as an influence. That boy can play.

"Disruption Theory" is going on the essential listening page for the 90's, 
whether you like or not Andre!


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