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SV: EDP quest: unrounded multiply --> record goes back to loop 1

> Från: Per Boysen [mailto:per@boysen.se] 
> Since I got LOOP4 I have found that whenever I'm ending an 
> unrounded multiply with record my EDP goes back to loop 1 (if 
> I'm not already in loop 1). Why?

Hi again,

Since I only got one reaction to this post (from Kim, advicing me to
post more details) I'll post the details to the list:

SwitchQuant = off
Record mode = SAF
Overdub = toggle
RoundMode = off
Insert mode = Sub
Quantize = 8th
Sync = Out

The "jumping-to-loop1" effect happens with just any of the settings for
the following parameters: SwitchQuant, RoundMode, Record mode, Insert

I'm curious if other Loop4 users experience the same thing? If you play
with the memory fully divided into 16 loops it could be a bit awkward.
Personally I'm used to playing with only 4 loops (MooreLoops=4) and I
could always perform three quick steps on the NextLoop button whenever I
have truncated a loop at the fourth memory division and gotten thrown
back to loop 1. 

I'm using all midi control from a Behringer FCB1010 pedal. I don't have
the original analogue Gibson pedal handy for testing.

All the best

Per Boysen