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live looping mic?

I am looking for good mic for multipurpose that also goes
well on live looping situation where I mic acoustical instruments
and different little things...

It needs to be condenser so it picks little sounds but also not omni
since feedback is always issue.

Does someone have any experience in Oktava MK011 (MK011) hypercardioid
like cardioid condenser mic with integrated (2 level i believe) pop-filter.

It is made for filmsound and radiowork but thought that it would sound good
on live situation as well since it is quite narrow by its pickup pattern 
it sounds good as Octava MC012 (Oktava MK012) that is probably best
low price multipurpose mic on earth.

Also what equipment would you need to destroy feedback while micing things
like didgeridoo and other acoustical instruments with quite droney sound.

Jukka Andersson