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Re: live looping mic?

At 20:12 12/06/03 , you wrote:
>I am looking for good mic for multipurpose that also goes
>well on live looping situation where I mic acoustical instruments
>and different little things...
>It needs to be condenser so it picks little sounds but also not omni
>since feedback is always issue.

The popular AKG C1000s has a little sleeve that fits over the capsule to 
it a hypercardioid pickup pattern. I like this mic on my soprano saxophone 

>Does someone have any experience in Oktava MK011 (MK011) hypercardioid
>like cardioid condenser mic with integrated (2 level i believe) 
>It is made for filmsound and radiowork but thought that it would sound 
>on live situation as well since it is quite narrow by its pickup pattern 
>it sounds good as Octava MC012 (Oktava MK012) that is probably best
>low price multipurpose mic on earth.
>Also what equipment would you need to destroy feedback while micing things
>like didgeridoo and other acoustical instruments with quite droney sound.

I'm just starting to use a little Behringer "Shark" feedback distroyer. it 
other PA-orientated features, but the feedback distroyer has a set of 12 
filters that (one by one) find feedback and pull back that frequency a bit
lock in. In in the early stages of using it but it does work and I've been
impressed with it - it only cost me 55 (UK). Behringer do a rackmount 
version too that I think has the same electronics(?).

>Jukka Andersson