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Re: [Fwd: Matthew Sperry RIP]

At 1:57 PM -0500 6/6/03, Eric Leonardson wrote:
>I didn't know Matthew, but apparently he was a friend of a lot of mine
>in the Bay Area, perhaps he was a member of this community, too?

Oh my God, this is terrible news. Matthew was a friend of mine, I 
used to see him in Seattle, and he stayed at my place a few times 
when he came through on gigs. I remember him making a wonderful quick 
pasta sauce from whatever he found in our fridge one night after a 
duo concert with him and John Butcher. I'd gotten out of touch since 
he moved to the bay area, but had no idea this had happened. He was a 
wonderful bassist, and he leaves much wonderful music unplayed. I'm 
in shock.

This puts so much into perspective. I've been running around like mad 
for the last few days, with a CD release party tonight, and no CD's 
until late yesterday afternoon. This really reminds me how brief and 
precious and fragile our time on this planet truly is.