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Re: Time to put up or $hut up, guy$.

At 01:42 AM 4/29/2003, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:

>Gimmie your Paypal (or whatever) address, Kim.

The "Donate to Looper's Delight" paypal links are on nearly every page of 
Looper's Delight. They should be pretty easy to find!

>I'll throw down what I can
>considering <pity party> I still owe Uncle Sam $1012 and am selling my 
>SVT to pay him off and moving to NYC in September where the rent is steep
>and the competition is ruthless </pity party>.  (Nobody's fault but my 
>Bad financial planning.  I'm not a crack whore!)

If you don't have money, how about time? write an article or tutorial, 
create a new section, do a product review, add something to the 
loopography, do some programming, format web pages, etc.

>"How much labor have you volunteered to help out?"  Well, I don't filter 
>of the posts.  I read all of them, unless it's the 103rd one in a thread
>about Ernie Ball vs. Morely volume pedals.  I try to be helpful to the
>community by answering questions I can, and sharing how I use the EDP, 
>I think is different from most people on the list.  I try to ask 
>questions, related to looping.  I try to stay on topic, and not contribute
>to OT threads on-list.  Although, occasionally I stray into the sin of 
>bass amp banter and sampler propaganda.

That's really great, but still you are just talking about the list! This 
list is about 5% of Looper's Delight.  "Volunteering labor" doesn't mean 
you posted here once in a while, although good posts are indeed helpful. 
What I'm talking about is real, actual work, by making contributions to 

Like Jason, helping out by running the t-shirt fund raiser project. He and 
his wife did a great job last year, and they are stepping up again to do 
this year's t-shirts as well. That's serious effort to organize a project 
like that and pull it off as well as they do. I really appreciate it, and 
think everybody else does as well, since we all go around wearing the 
shirts all the time!

Or like David, managing the sales of the Looper's Delight Vol 1 CD. And 
Matt McCabe, who produced and distributes Vol 2. Doug Cox set up the 
Looper's Delight File Library. Michael Peters wrote and continues to 
maintain the Loopography and the "History of Looping". Chris Chovit did 
programming for the profiles section. Many people have written great 
tutorials and reviews, or helped out with other sections. All these people 
working together made Looper's Delight what it is, not just me. I think we 
all appreciate the things they've done for us. If you want to make 
Delight better and give something back, step up and contribute!


Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
kflint@loopers-delight.com    | http://www.loopers-delight.com