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Time to put up or $hut up, guy$.

"In the mean time, shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear your whining."

Time to put up or shut up, guys.  Break out the ducets.

Gimmie your Paypal (or whatever) address, Kim.  I'll throw down what I can
considering <pity party> I still owe Uncle Sam $1012 and am selling my 
SVT to pay him off and moving to NYC in September where the rent is steep
and the competition is ruthless </pity party>.  (Nobody's fault but my own.
Bad financial planning.  I'm not a crack whore!)

I challenge you comfortable middle class folk (who, as our survey showed,
comprise much of this list) to throw down as well.  Buy Kim a case of beer
and a bag of chips.

My answers:

"How much did it cost you to join this list?"  Well, I did buy an EDP the
day I joined the list for $700, and a LoopIV upgrade for $100.  Some of 
goes to Kim, right?  I've certainly gotten some damn fine tech support for
it in the last three months.  Worth every penny of perceived 
of the hardware.

"How much have you donated so far to keeping the site going?"   $0.  I'll
try and make amends as far as I can go at this time.

"How much labor have you volunteered to help out?"  Well, I don't filter 
of the posts.  I read all of them, unless it's the 103rd one in a thread
about Ernie Ball vs. Morely volume pedals.  I try to be helpful to the
community by answering questions I can, and sharing how I use the EDP, 
I think is different from most people on the list.  I try to ask 
questions, related to looping.  I try to stay on topic, and not contribute
to OT threads on-list.  Although, occasionally I stray into the sin of tube
bass amp banter and sampler propaganda.  I'm a sinner, Lord.  Help me to
stay on the path of the righteous looper.