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Re: LOOPING TRIVIA QUESTION reply to Dr Richard Zvonar

> Most of the looping in this piece was trivial, digital versions of
> tape loops, but there was one section that's kind of interesting. I
> was using a utility program, written by Gareth Loy, called "sfplay."
> This was external to the cmusic environment and was meant as a way to
> audition sound files and to find edit points. You could specify the
> beginning and end points of a segment, the sampling rate, and the
> number of playback repetitions. You could also specify a "nudge"
> value so that you could "walk" the playback window forward and back
> in time to find the edit point. I started using this technique as a
> sort of performance technique, moving the playback window through a
> sound file in incremental fashion. The result was a pulsating vocal
> burst that migrated slowly through a spoken phrase.

This sounds very ahead of its time,
However my knowledge of this period in looping is still extremely vague.

I must check out your web site thoroughly, your work sounds v.interesting.
Hope one day, I can buy you dinner and ask you all about looping its 
and your work. If you ever come to England try to get a weeks residency at
Dartington College of Arts, I think they'd like you and your work a lot. 
last person we had from America was DJ Spooky.