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Re: Audio tweak tips for WinXP users...


    It's a Shuttle AK31A v3.1 (I believe is what it's called), with an AMD
1.7Ghz CPU, and the VIA KT266A chipset.  I know that VIA, traditionally,
does not make the best chipset for audio, but the machine was cheap, so I
went with it.  It works pretty damn well.

    I'm headed for an upgrade to a mobo with an Intel chipset, and at least
512MB of RAM to dedicate to Kontakt, Reaktor (maybe), AudioMulch and Sonar.


> > > Aardvark claims 1.5ms latency on a 1.5Ghz machine, but mine's a
> > > Maybe it's the AMD CPU???  Does RAM affect latency?
> >
> >If there's not enough of it it does.  What's the motherboard you're
> >Its cache size can affect everything.
> >
> >Steve Goodman