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Re: EDP ReAlign vs. QuantStartPoint...

>     Thanks for responding.  I'm still not sure about the answer to this
>question, but I got things to work in the situation that I was working on,
>so I didn't press it.
>     Part of the issue was resolved in my sequencer.  Sonar has an option 
>the sync menu called "Use Start, Never Continue."  By default Sonar is set
>to send a Song Continue message when you begin playing the track from
>anywhere but the beginning of the tune.  This meant that I had to put in
>ReAlign messages all over (which sometimes worked and sometimes 
>didn't to get the clock back in time, and I still don't understand 
>ReAlign or
>QuantStartPoint), for the EDP.  It also meant that my sampler would 
>not sync its LFO to clock unless I started playing the track from 
>the beginning.
>Using the "Use Start, Never Continue" option sends a Song Start message
>regardless of where you start listening from.  Apparently devices want 
>Start Song signal to realign their clocks to.

I dont know about "devices", but the EDP will reset the global clock 
counter when a StartSong arrives so there is no way to ReAlign after 
Continue just makes the global counter go on, so you can ReAlign to that.

>     However, there are some strange issues that still remain.  I have
>Quantize OFF now, but for some reason some of the DirectMIDI 
>commands that I wrote into my EDP control track ahead of the beat 
>(when it was set to
>Quantize 8th) still work like Quantize was on.

some? which?


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