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Re: EDP ReAlign vs. QuantStartPoint...


    Thanks for responding.  I'm still not sure about the answer to this
question, but I got things to work in the situation that I was working on,
so I didn't press it.

    Part of the issue was resolved in my sequencer.  Sonar has an option in
the sync menu called "Use Start, Never Continue."  By default Sonar is set
to send a Song Continue message when you begin playing the track from
anywhere but the beginning of the tune.  This meant that I had to put in
ReAlign messages all over (which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't to
get the clock back in time, and I still don't understand ReAlign or
QuantStartPoint), for the EDP.  It also meant that my sampler would not 
its LFO to clock unless I started playing the track from the beginning.
Using the "Use Start, Never Continue" option sends a Song Start message
regardless of where you start listening from.  Apparently devices want that
Start Song signal to realign their clocks to.

    However, there are some strange issues that still remain.  I have
Quantize OFF now, but for some reason some of the DirectMIDI commands that 
wrote into my EDP control track ahead of the beat (when it was set to
Quantize 8th) still work like Quantize was on.


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> >EDP Gurus-
> seems noone felt adressed :-)
> Did you solve your problem?
> Or can you discribe it better, I did not quite understand...:
> >
> >ReAlign and QuantStartPoint.  I am a little unclear about which of these
> >commands is better suited to getting the EDP back on track with a MIDI
> >clock.  The way I understand it is that, after the initial cycle length
> >calculated, the EDP ignores the clock.  After about sixteen bars I can
> >that it's drifted off course slightly and I would like to get it to
> >to the clock again to get the loops back in time.
> >
> >I guess I'm a little confused as to exactly what the Global and Local
> >StartPoints are derived from.  Does the EDP actually continue to listen
> >the clock and use that as the Global StartPoint, and then it listens to
> >cycle length it calculated and calls the beginning of each of those
> >the Local StartPoint?
> >
> >[reading manual intently]
> >
> >Alright, I guess here's a better question:  Quantize=CYC, 8ths/Cycle=8,
> >SamplerStyle=StA, Source#=36.  If I trigger a ReAlign via MIDI on beat
> >of a bar while I'm in loop 2, and then trigger loop 1 via MIDI to start
> >beat one of the following bar, will it quantize loop 1 to the Global
> >StartPoint?  The manual says...
> >
> >...
> >- ReAlign (Restart the current loop at the next MIDI beat 1)
> >...
> >
> >...which implies that since I was in loop 2 when I initiated the ReAlign
> >wouldn't ReAlign the loop that I'm switching to.  True or false?
> >
> >-Jesse