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Re: Repeater HELP ME PLEASE! !!!!!

On Tuesday, April 22, 2003, at 10:44  pm, Soren wrote:

>> Does the repeater user interface work in such a way as to allow you to
>> create 4 independent loops live without stopping playback. Can you 
>> then
>> reverse, fade, individual loops again without stopping anything, i.e. 
>> is it
>> like owning four independent loopers in sync.
> Essentially, yes.  :-)

Maybe not in the way that he is asking (it was the same idea that I had 
about the Repeater, which proved to be false).

Think of it this way: You have ONE loop which contains 4 tracks. If you 
extend that loop, you extend the loops for all 4 tracks. If you reverse 
the loop, you reverse all 4 tracks at the same time. It is not the same 
as having 4 independent loopers.