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Re: Repeater HELP ME PLEASE! !!!!!

On Tuesday, April 22, 2003, at 01:35 PM, Geoff Smith wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I have a EDP and am looking at buying a repeater or second EDP
> Little bit desperate for time as I may have found one I can afford.
> could someone who has used the repeater tell me the following.
> When using my EDP I am used to altering the feedback of the loop as its
> playing, can u do this with the repeater?

        I think this is possible via MIDI
> Does the repeater user interface work in such a way as to allow you to
> create 4 independent loops live without stopping playback.

>  Can you then
> reverse, fade, individual loops again without stopping anything, i.e. 
> is it
> like owning four independent loopers in sync.

        You need to think of the Repeater as a 4 track recorder.

        You can fade individual loops by the front panel sliders or MIDI.

        You cannot reverse individual tracks.  All tracks reverse, again 
4 track

         You can slip (move forward of backwards), pitch shift, individual 
> Does the repeater have an equivalent of the INSERT function of an EDP.

> Does anyone have any opinions on whether it is better to have two EDPS 
> or
> one EDP and a Repeater???
> the stress of trying to find a looper
> cheers
> Geoff