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Re: Using Boss RC-20 Live

Bob, thanks for the great info!  My comments follow yours.  :-)


At 02:28 PM 4/22/2003 -0400, you wrote:

>In a message dated 4/22/03 11:01:23 AM, Soren@DeathRattleRecords.com 
><< 1. The need to fuss with the time signature and tempo settings is 
>eliminated by simply turning the quantization feature off. >>
>Not sure what you mean about fussing but quantization is never on unless 
>do a Tap tempo.

Good!  I don't want to have to set time signatures and tempos.

><<2. To record a NEW loop, a) the existing loop MUST NOT be playing b) 
>on the left pedal to start recording c) step on the left pedal to stop
>recording and IMMEDIATELY start playing the loop  OR  step on the right
>pedal to stop recording WITHOUT playing the loop.>>
>Yes except that you must be on a bank where no loop has been 
>stored/saved. If
>you wanted to go from a recorded loop cycle to record a new loop you would
>need to use a pedal switch or by hand turn the dial to an empty bank.

How, then, do you clear out a bank location so that you can start again 
from scratch?  That seems like it would suck live.  Even with an external 
pedal, you would only have 10 loops - and then what?

>3. To over-dub an EXISTING loop, the process is the EXACT SAME, except 
>the existing loop MUST be playing when you press the left
>pedal.  Furthermore, over-dub is similar to the Repeater, in that you can
>not go directly from recording a new loop to over-dubbing; but, instead,
>you have to wait for one initial play cycle (or portion thereof).
>I don't think you have to wait for a cycle, you just have to establish the
>loop (left) then press the left again. Depends on how long your loop is.
>I haven't used it live but it seems like having 2 RC's would be good. You
>could have one dedicated to 10 established loops that you could move thru
>while using the other empty RC to record new loops in realtime.


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