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Re: Using Boss RC-20 Live

In a message dated 4/22/03 11:01:23 AM, Soren@DeathRattleRecords.com 

<< 1. The need to fuss with the time signature and tempo settings is 
eliminated by simply turning the quantization feature off. >>

Not sure what you mean about fussing but quantization is never on unless 
do a Tap tempo.

<<2. To record a NEW loop, a) the existing loop MUST NOT be playing b) 
on the left pedal to start recording c) step on the left pedal to stop 
recording and IMMEDIATELY start playing the loop  OR  step on the right 
pedal to stop recording WITHOUT playing the loop.>>

Yes except that you must be on a bank where no loop has been stored/saved. 
you wanted to go from a recorded loop cycle to record a new loop you would 
need to use a pedal switch or by hand turn the dial to an empty bank.

3. To over-dub an EXISTING loop, the process is the EXACT SAME, except 
the existing loop MUST be playing when you press the left 
pedal.  Furthermore, over-dub is similar to the Repeater, in that you can 
not go directly from recording a new loop to over-dubbing; but, instead, 
you have to wait for one initial play cycle (or portion thereof).

I don't think you have to wait for a cycle, you just have to establish the 
loop (left) then press the left again. Depends on how long your loop is.  

I haven't used it live but it seems like having 2 RC's would be good. You 
could have one dedicated to 10 established loops that you could move thru 
while using the other empty RC to record new loops in realtime.


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