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Re: Types of Music

I blur the distinction even further sometimes because
while I play live instruments into real-time loops, I
also play short prepared loops off a couple of
minidisc decks via volume pedals INTO real-time loops.
It differs from playing over a prepared backing in
that it's essentially impossible to do the same thing

The prepared loops are usually only a few seconds long
and are mostly pads and beds; mellotron samples, old
radio commercials, shruti drones, etc. that I've
mangled in Acid and/or Sound Forge, but the loops that
they end up in are manipulated in real time along with
live instruments. I also put these sorts of prepared
loops on microcassette which is then fed through a
guitar pickup into the loopers...


--- Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> While I think most of us are using "live" loopers to
> record what we're 
> doing at the moment, I wouldn't say that what you're
> doing isn't just 
> as valid.  I sure do think the Repeater was designed
> to work either way 
> with it's non volitle memory and 99 loop storage
> limit.  (which is 
> crazy considering how short the loops would be if
> you did 99 of them!)

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