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Re: Types of Music

While I think most of us are using "live" loopers to record what we're 
doing at the moment, I wouldn't say that what you're doing isn't just 
as valid.  I sure do think the Repeater was designed to work either way 
with it's non volitle memory and 99 loop storage limit.  (which is 
crazy considering how short the loops would be if you did 99 of them!)

Anyway, welcome.  I think diversity is important so I bet we could 
learn from each other.  The only difference I make in my own mind is 
that there's something different between using a program like Cuebase 
to repeat samples and using a program like Live where you can 
manipulate the loops in real time.  Both valid, but one I put in the 
"production" camp and the other I put in the "looping" camp.  Just my 
own construct though.

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, April 20, 2003, at 08:12 AM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar 
Straschill wrote:

> Hey Sempai,
> the group here (as I understand it) focuses on realtime loop music, 
> i.e.
> where you record the loop during the performance and then include the 
> loop
> in the performance (including any ways to modify the loop, starting 
> with
> overdubs to total weirdness). Having said that, no, I don't think the 
> focus
> in this group is on what you do, what I understand as using 
> "prerecorded"
> loops and then implementing them into your compositions. Indeed, we had
> discussions about anything here which had nothing at all to do with
> real-time looping, so if you want to discuss this topic go ahead - but 
> be
> warned, you might get more response when discussing the on a list for
> creative DJs.
> As for the genre - I am not under the impression that just because 
> everybody
> here loops, we do all play the same genre (this would be like assuming 
> that
> everybody who plays the piano or who uses reverb during mixdown of his
> recording engages in the same genre).
> I have run across a vast diversity of looped music among the works of 
> the
> people on this list, including (but not limited to) hard dance, solo 
> bass
> guitar, world music, vocal-based pieces, structured works, mood pieces,
> singer-songwriter-style songs, minimalistic electronica, hardcore,
> polyrhytmic percussion...and, yes, also slow ambient.
>       Rainer
> (n.b.: this style diversity gets even more crazy when you check out 
> projects
> where members of this list are involved which aren't solo-loop or
> ensemble-loop performances, but rather groups where one (or several)
> member(s) use loops...check out "Chiba City Blues" on 
> http://eblah.iuma.com
> and find out what's looped and what is "played out").
> Rainer Straschill
> Moinlabs GFX and Soundworks - www.moinlabs.de
> The Straschill Family Group - www.straschill.de
> digital penis expert group - www.dpeg.de
> Eclectic Blah - www.eblah.de
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> From: Sempai [mailto:sempai@comcast.net]
> Sent: Sonntag, 20. April 2003 16:13
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> Subject: Types of Music
> I have been lurking here for several months, learning as I go.
> I was just curious about the actual genre of looping music people
> compose on this list.
> Do you compose slow ambient, dance, guitar based, keyboard based?
> From the links posted to various songs, it seems ambient is the 
> majority.
> Also, not sure if my type of music is welcome here.  I compose
> exclusively sampled based loop music.  I do not perform, just compose.
> Much of the list (at least those who write regularly) seem to be more
> performance based.  A lot of the discussion seems to focus on gear
> related issues.
> I'm interested in comments on the above.
> Sempai