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RE: Line6 Delay Mod Pro or DL4 expression pedals?

  Hi Ian, Yes, and Yes.  The idea of feedback, when refering to a delay, is
that the  signal gets fed back into the delay circuit and then gets
repeated, and the process continues.   Feedback is the amount of that
signal which gets fed back, so if you don't feed as much signal back, the
repeates become softer and softer and softer, and eventually fade
completely.  If you feed the same signal level back, the repeats simply
continue as they are, at the same volume level, indefinitely...  
  Since alot of  what people are using is digital, the idea  of an analog
delay circuit is modeled in  different ways, but the concept of feedback is
  Anyway, others here, know much more on this, so hopefully someone can
elaborate on, or correct the fine points so this makes more sense.  -Hope
this helps.  



At 11:57 PM 4/19/03 +0100, you wrote:
>My looping has (so far) been limited to my DL4, I'm about to get the Delay
>as much for its extended number of programmes for the delays as for the
>I know that it reduces the level of the previous loop by (is it 5%..) in
>overdub mode in order to take care of overloads. I don't quite understand
>though what "feedback amount" means when talked about on the list in 
>to say the EDP. Is it to be able to be able to control the amount at which
>previous loop reduces in level when overdubbing? or is it about feeding 
>the loop into itself? (or something that I haven't yet understood?). 
>At 23:33 19/04/03 , you wrote:
>>Well, the Line6 pedal is an expensive little piece of plastic- I mean,
>>it is ridiculously priced for the build quality. I found one for $20 on
>>Ebay, but was lucky. I also have an old passive no-name volume pedal
>>that works just fine with it.
>>I think, in overdub mode, the feedback is something like 95%. I know
>>reducing the volume of the loop isn't the same, but it is a slight
>>workaround if you don't play a lot with an open loop.
>>Dave Eichenberger 
>>> Right now, I'm noticing that when it's (the mod pro) in 
>>> overdub (which 
>>> it automatically goes into nicely) the feedback is >100% by some 
>>> unknown amount.  (thanks Line6!) So that's good enough for me.  A 
>>> minute of loop plus some delay on top of that is worth $199.  
>>> However, 
>>> I want to set up the "mix" to be set by the expression 
>>> pedal... and my 
>>> Roland Expression pedal (the big one.. I forgot it's model number) 
>>> isn't seemingly controlling it.  I haven't tried my Yamaha expression 
>>> pedal yet.
>>> So, is there a reason to get line6's pedal?  Or am I doing something 
>>> wrong when I set up the program?  Anyone have luck with the Roland 
>>> pedal?
>>> Mark Sottilaro
>>> On Saturday, April 19, 2003, at 01:17 PM, future perfect wrote:
>>> > Well, one thing you can do is assign the 'mix' to the exp 
>>> pedal, and 
>>> > fade out the volume of the loop. Then once it is down 
>>> completely, you 
>>> > can shut it off. Or fade it back it, which normal feedback 
>>> won't allow 
>>> > you to do.
>>> >
>>> > Dave Eichenberger
>>> > <http://www.hazardfactor.com/>http://www.hazardfactor.com
>>> >
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>>> >
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>>> >> Easily work around it?  Waht do you mean?
>>> >>
>>> >> Mike
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