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RE: Line6 Delay Mod Pro or DL4 expression pedals?

Well, the Line6 pedal is an expensive little piece of plastic- I mean,
it is ridiculously priced for the build quality. I found one for $20 on
Ebay, but was lucky. I also have an old passive no-name volume pedal
that works just fine with it.

I think, in overdub mode, the feedback is something like 95%. I know
reducing the volume of the loop isn't the same, but it is a slight
workaround if you don't play a lot with an open loop.

Dave Eichenberger 

> Right now, I'm noticing that when it's (the mod pro) in 
> overdub (which 
> it automatically goes into nicely) the feedback is >100% by some 
> unknown amount.  (thanks Line6!) So that's good enough for me.  A 
> minute of loop plus some delay on top of that is worth $199.  
> However, 
> I want to set up the "mix" to be set by the expression 
> pedal... and my 
> Roland Expression pedal (the big one.. I forgot it's model number) 
> isn't seemingly controlling it.  I haven't tried my Yamaha expression 
> pedal yet.
> So, is there a reason to get line6's pedal?  Or am I doing something 
> wrong when I set up the program?  Anyone have luck with the Roland 
> pedal?
> Mark Sottilaro
> On Saturday, April 19, 2003, at 01:17 PM, future perfect wrote:
> > Well, one thing you can do is assign the 'mix' to the exp 
> pedal, and 
> > fade out the volume of the loop. Then once it is down 
> completely, you 
> > can shut it off. Or fade it back it, which normal feedback 
> won't allow 
> > you to do.
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> > Dave Eichenberger
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> >> Easily work around it?  Waht do you mean?
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