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RE: recording tools

I own a pair of AKG CS1000 - a cigar shaped microphone w/ a large
condensor element.  Great for the value, but I wouldn't compare them w/
a bonafide tube mic.  A plus - they have a 9volt compartment inside for
phantom power, and they are built very tough.  

I've used them for vocals and acoustic (very nice), and sax (just ok).
When I record my takamine, a single AKG sounds way better than the
internal pickup that came with the Tak.  

Good luck!


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<<You can get 57's plus a 20' cord for about $82 
off of musicians friends and american musical
supply. If you are planning on getting good mics
like Sure I would just get the mics from a
reputable source that way you have some warranty
and don't spend too much. Unless the guy on ebay
is a music store selling through there.>>>

I think the guy on E-bay IS a music store,
because he's not just selling one, it seems like
he/she has several. It's kinda like how AltoMusic
sells stuff on E-bay. 

<<By the way - a Fostex VF80 goes for $499 at 
American Musical with free shipping on anything
over $249. >>

Yeah, if you get it without the CD-burner, the
CD-burner costs and extra 200 samoleans. 

<<And they have that wonderful easy pay plan I am

notorious for taking advantage of :) >>

You must have good credit for them to let you use
the payment plan, as they run credit checks.
That's the reason why I bought a VF80 instead of
a VF160. :-P 

BTW, someone said that they thought the SM-57
isn't particularly good for recording acoustic
instruments. Since one of the main reasons I'm
looking for a mic is to record the used Takemine
12 string I bought a few weeks ago, what would
you suggest for that purpose? I really don't have
a lot of money to buy a bunch of specialized
purpose mics. Right now, one that does several
things well enough is what I'm shooting for. 

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