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Re: recording tools

57s are probably used most commonly for close-miking snare heads and 
cabinets, especially in live applications.  You'll probably want to try a 
condenser for getting a good acoustic guitar sound.  I know the Stapes 
is popular with the TapeOp crowd (read: good/cheap), otherwise the Rode or 
Oktava could be good choices.  Like I said, take your guitar in with you 
and try out whatever is in your price range.  And check out tapeop.com for 
other ideas (including used mics for sale).


>BTW, someone said that they thought the SM-57
>isn't particularly good for recording acoustic
>instruments. Since one of the main reasons I'm
>looking for a mic is to record the used Takemine
>12 string I bought a few weeks ago, what would
>you suggest for that purpose? I really don't have
>a lot of money to buy a bunch of specialized
>purpose mics. Right now, one that does several
>things well enough is what I'm shooting for.