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Re: O T Behringer DSP110 "Shark"

>> DSP110  Feedback destroyer

I've had my eye on that, I'd like to hear how well it works for you. I
recently finally aquired my first acoustic guitar amp (the wonderful and
cheap Behringer acx-1000) and immediately realized feedback was a new issue
(doh!)   The DSP110 is really cheap in the US ($115 new on Ebay + ship)  If
I wasn't so broke right now I'd just buy it, but I'm waiting till I have an
actual need for it. (what a weird concept!)

>>Oh and the manual is very unhelpful

Haven't seen the manual for this item, but based on the collective moaning
(by me too) about the FCB1010 midi pedal, Behringer seems to have a knack
for 'challenging' manuals.

looking forward to a report after you've put this thing to work!

Bob Campbell

btw - Speaking of Behringer gear, I gotta put in a plug for an ebay seller
who did really right by me last summer. I bought the Behinger HA-4600
headphone amp (great - 12 outs!) for $100 from this guy, it arrived damaged
and he overnight shipped me a replacement. He lost money on me, but saved 
EDP enhanced 'audio installation' project that depended on this last minute
(recipe:   4 mics / mixer /12 cheap headphones / headphone amp / EDP /
pitchshifter / reverb / lsd (optional) ).

He's got a lot of Behringer gear, give him a look:

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Subject: O T Behringer DSP110 "Shark"

> Hi,
> Just thought I'd post about this tiny little unit from Behringer as a
> potentially useful tool for dealing with feedback on stage and
particularly in
> looping acoustic instruments live.
> The DSP110 "Shark" is primarilly a feedback distroyer although it does
have a
> gate, compressor, delay (for correcting speaker stack time delays), a low
> filter and mic pre. The feedback distroyer has 12 very tight filters that
> automatically lock onto the frequencies at which feedback is occuring and
> them by a predetermined number of dbs. I've just bought it and have been
> learning/experimenting with it and thought it worth sharing here. I 
> mine
> for 55 in Digital Village (UK) which is incredibly cheap given that the
> Sabine
> units cost hundreds of pounds. Oh and the manual is very unhelpful (or is
> just me?!).
> Regards.
> Ian.