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Re: Akai going under???

The company didn't go under, they just lost their distributor. They just found a new one...Arbiter in Europe and aparently from what Steve says...they found one in Cali. Cool. Cause at my job there's been a real hurting on those of us who are wanting to sell them but can't because we can't get them in. FYI...I work at a Guitar Center in Columbus. They have been without a distributor for about a month and a half and boy did it really hit the electronic music community hard. I'm hoping they'll be up and running real soon.
Jeffrey Collins

Jesse Ray Lucas <jlucas@neoprimitive.net> wrote:
A buddy of mine is a keyboard rep for Yamaha and his supervisor told him
that Akai's U.S. division went under last week -- like, closed down the
offices and sold the furniture and everything. I haven't been able to find
anything about this on the web. I'm curious if it's true. Anybody heard
anything about this?


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