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Video Performance 4.19.03, Hype Park, MA

Hi folks,

I'll be doing live video mixology at the Artists-At-Large Gallery, on 
Saturday April 19, at 8PM. I'll be performing with the bands Open 
Hand and Dreamtime 9 Translucent.

Open Hand consists of Mr Curt, Rich Lynch, Jan White  and Bob 
McCloskey, on a variety of instruments, and are "an ambient 
spontaneous ensemble". They will be celerbrating the release of their 
debut CD.

I'm not familiar with Dreamtime 9 Translucent, but with a name like 
that,  you can imagine the possibilities.

I don't have an admission price listed, but I'm sure it is either 
inexpensive or free, and food and beverages will be served.

Artists-At-Large Gallery is at
37 Everett Street
Cleary Square
Hyde Park

near the Hyde Park Commuter Rail station.

The directions I have are from Forest Hills station, in JP

Follow Hyde Park Ave. from Forest Hills Station out about 2 or 3 
miles Everett St. is just after Duncn' Donuts in Hyde Park center.

Call 617-276-3223 for further info and directions.