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Pitch to MIDI Unit


A friend told be about this web page:
http://tomscarff.tripod.com/pitch_midi/pitch_to_midi.htm. I guess USD 70
for a Pitch to MIDI Unit is ok ;-)  Have someone bought stuff from these

The text says "Associated pre-amplifier circuit is needed". As I
understand this I will be able to use a line level parallel output from
my mic pre amp to feed the pitch-to-midi thing?

The application I have in mind is to play the pitch of synced Repeater
loops from saxophone and voice, sometimes when the loops are in
recording mode and even sometimes when they are recording/looping the
audio I am pitch-to-midi converting to pitch the recording loop..... ;-)
I've already tried this with midi guitar, so I know it can make some
musical sense, but I would like to also do it acoustically. 

Best wishes

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com <-- 1st Swedish Looping Festival