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Chapman Sticks and Snow

After visiting the Chapman Stick site proper I found myself
 instantly rearranging my finances to be able to afford one. 
I have questions pertaining to choices (oh, and by the way, Detroit was 
NAILED by easterly winds carrying Lake Huron ala Atlantic snows this 
morning. It made me want to stay home and 
jam polar jams, but alas, can't afford C. sticks on my looks):

Guitarists should veer towards the 8 string version. (T/F)

The 12 string version is better for bassists. (T/F)

The 10 string version is the safest bet for unsure buyers. (T/F)

They're not worth the money. (T/F)

Roman Polanski should follow up The Pianist with The Chapman
Stickist, the story of a poor white trash trailer boy just 
north of 8 mile in Detroit who loops Chapman Stick Lines to vintage Joe 
Pass albums in front of angry mobs of upset and disbelieving jazz 

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