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Re: Using midi to control tempo on EDP

At 09:55 AM 4/12/2003, Steve Ginn wrote:
>I am wondering if this is possible ...
>I would like to program my footpedal to have some base starting tempos 
>the EDP (IV) and then have two pedals programmed that could 
>increment/decrement in +-1 or +-5 bpm values to adjust the tempo in real 

In LoopIV you can set tempos in advance of recording a loop using the 
TempoSelect feature. These tempos can then be saved in a preset. In this 
way, you can recall a predefined tempo by simply sending a midi program 
change command to select that preset. (or select it from the front panel 
while in reset.)

Once you have a tempo set, you can also fine tune it in the TempoSelect 
mode. Check the LoopIV manual for details.

>I have noticed that often times for me it is difficult to tap the correct 
>tempo with my foot, especially when maybe all that is needed is a beat or 
>two speed up or down to get the tempo closer.

consider tapping record to be a musical action, like playing a note. 
practice tapping in rhythm. You might also try setting the 8ths/cycle 
to something like 2, so that a cycle is equal to one beat.

>Also, since I would like to use my EDP as the master tempo source for my 
>entire rig (effects, etc.) I would like to adjust the EDP tempo without 
>having to necessarily use it for looping.  I believe I remember someone 
>saying that you could tap on the record button (I think?) to set up a 
>tempo that is output to the rest of the gear without having to begin 
>recording with the EDP; is this correct?

yes, that is one way. (make sure you have sync=out).  Also, using the 
TempoSelect feature you can set a tempo and have the Echoplex send midi 
clock without recording a loop. (and again, you can use a preset to do 
this.) You can then command it to send a StartSong message to start up 
other devices. You can then record a loop on the EDP later if you want, 
locked to your tempo.


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