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Using midi to control tempo on EDP

Title: Using midi to control tempo on EDP
I am wondering if this is possible ...

I would like to program my footpedal to have some base starting tempos for the EDP (IV) and then have two pedals programmed that could increment/decrement in +-1 or +-5 bpm values to adjust the tempo in real time.  I have noticed that often times for me it is difficult to “tap” the correct tempo with my foot, especially when maybe all that is needed is a beat or two speed up or down to get the tempo closer.

Also, since I would like to use my EDP as the master tempo source for my entire rig (effects, etc.) I would like to adjust the EDP tempo without having to necessarily use it for looping.  I believe I remember someone saying that you could tap on the record button (I think?) to set up a tempo that is output to the rest of the gear without having to begin recording with the EDP; is this correct?