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Re: EDP latency...

>     You mentioned something a few weeks ago in the discussion about 
>vs. software looping solutions about the EDP having a 1.5 millisecond
>latency for every action.  Is that a measured figure, or just a guess?  
>just curious, because I'm thinking of running signal from my EDP through 
>computer, which has a 3ms latency.  That means 4.5 milliseconds of latency
>when triggering loops via MIDI.  I could just experiment and listen for
>off-ness, but I figured I'd ask you about the EDP's latency, since you 
>that figure out so readily.

this is pretty precise since the whole software is an infinite loop 
of that lenght and what is received in one loop is executed in the 
The worst case is a little more.

Once you are in that small range or latency, remember that sound has 
a latency in the air, you will have to use very near field speakers...

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