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Re: Getting rid of the Vortex...

On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, at 02:10 PM, Eric Williamson wrote:

> when i had a vortex i used it in both places, via the Repeater's ill-
> implemented FX Insert function.

Ill implemented?  Seems like an amazing feature to me that always seems 
to work fine.  It's one of those features that didn't seem like a big 
deal when I was looking into the Repeater, but later became one of the 
coolest and most useful features.

> it's a great little box. are there any MPX-1 owners (who own/ed 
> vortexen as
> well) who would like to comment on the Vortex-ness of the MPX-1?

I be one of those guys.  Here's my take on it.  The Vortex is a unique 
box, I doubt they'll ever be another.  However, I found it awkward for 
two reasons.  No MIDI sync was the biggest reason, and programming it 
with that LED display was never very easy.

The MPX-1 in some ways blows away the Vortex.  Mostly in terms of sound 
quality and ease of programming (though I'm sure others will disagree 
with me, after I figured it's "ways" I can get around it fairly easily) 
and MIDI sync.  Since I'm almost always slaved to a MIDI clock this is 
incredibly useful.

Now, in some ways the MPX1 is very similar.  I bet you could almost get 
identical patches going with them that sound better on the MPX1.  There 
are even preset patches with the same name and similar sounds like 
"aerosol."  (I've never a/b'd them to see if they were the same) With a 
MIDI controller and some expression pedals you can go bizerk 
controlling perimeters.  One of the biggest differences between the two 
is the implementation of the A/B function.  On the Vortex you can morph 
between two totally different sets of effects!  That's the beauty.  
What happens in the middle of the morph?  Roll the dice and see!  

On the MPX1, you can A/B between 2 versions of the same effect set with 
different perimeters.  Can you get really cool stuff this way?  And 
HOW.  Not quite as "mad scientist" friendly, but cool in it's own way.

So, I actually got the MPX1 to replace the Vortex, and to be honest, 
I've never looked back.  If you're low on cash and looking for an 
interesting box, the Vortex is your toy, no doubt.  However, if you're 
looking for better quality effects and easier control, the MPX1 is a 
wonderful piece of kit.  I liked it so much I ended up with a MPXG2 as 
well, though I must say it's distortion patches can be kind of cold 
sounding.  Since I'm using a Rocktron Piranha in it's effects loop, 
that's not an issue for me.

Mark Sottilaro