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LOOPSTOCK 2003: an appreciation

   The thing that really impressed me about Loopstock, outside of 
and fascinating sets by everyone and really informative clinics that all
added to my knowledge base was that  there was an extremely palpable since
of growth in every single artist from last year's Loopstock.

   Everyone was much more sophisticated technologically by a large factor;
everyone was much more together from an aesthetic and musical place and I
never found myself, even once,  sitting politely through someone's set.

   Our really wonderful community is really growing, not just in numbers 
in sophistication and artistically.

I feel extremely proud to be a member of this community and I feel greatly
to Hans for his vision in putting together a very memorable LOOPSTOCK 2.

I came away from the festival invigorated both artistically and
technologically and with an even stronger since that we are all 
a really valuable and necessary movement in music here in the early years 
the Naughties.

Because I'm just inundated with all of the details and logistics of my
3 month solo looping tour of Europe and the British Isles, I haven't had 
time to think about producing this years  Y2K3 Festival in late 
fall in Santa Cruz, but when I get back and get to it, I know that Hans
Lindauer has significantly raised the bar for our next big Community 

Thanks, Hans..........your rock my friend!!!!

appreciatively,   Rick