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Re: clapping, clapping, clapping, clapping

At 3:29 PM -0700 4/9/03, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:
>Serendipitously, on my latest live CD, the last piece features
>the crowd clapping which I then morph into a clapping loop in
>Clapping must be in the air.

A favorite trick of mine is to play a recording of applause, but to 
sneak it in gradually so the audience aren't aware of it. They just 
keep clapping because they thing everyone else is.

Curiously, my first-ever multitrack tape manipulation used applause. 
It was for a student film, back in 1970, and I wanted some applause 
behind the end credits. I went into the largest lecture hall at MIT, 
just before an undergraduate physics lecture began, and asked for a 
few minutes to record the students. I got a few minutes of assorted 
crowd sounds and then did multiple overdubs of the applause with 
slight speed differences between them to beef it up. We had no 
multitrack reel-to-reel recorder (we used mono Nagras for location 
recording), so I used a set of three Magnasync dubbers - those big 
old decks that used 16mm sprocketed mag film. The major studios would 
have 30 or more of these for all their multitrack mixing during the 
analog era. "Synchronization" was a looser concept in those days, 
since the time resolution depended on the distance between the 
sprocket holes. At 24 frames per second that's about 40 msec between 

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202