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Loopstock 2003 Short Report

Hi all--
Well, I don't know where ya were on Saturday night, but many of you stayed
away from San Luis Obispo.  Hans and all put on a fine show, marred 
by the absence of the fine guitarist and EDP master Andre LaFosse, but many
others were quite entertaining.  I caught my first taste of Whooley--Good
God y'all!  Two DL4s and a microphone!
Rick Walker put in a remarkable equipment failure free set--we all agreed
that Mercury must not be in retrograde . . .
Brother Bill also made some fine contributions, and there were many
instances of more than one looper on stage at once--Jon Wagner was
particularly generous with his time . . .
The highlight for me was the introduction of Dennis Leas' Looper
Construction Kit using Kyma--some incredible loop magic in that box . . .
The clinics were illuminating, the performances powerful and the Sunday
brunch was great (although certain engineering types seemed to fail to set
their clock forward).
Here's to health of all, and let's get together more often!