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Re: Free loopalicious gig this Sunday in London!

> Hi Steve,
> My wife and I were going to come up tonight and at the last minute of
> her mum had an emergency.  I hope the gig went well!

Hi Steve - no worries. The gig went very well - I had particular fun 
it was a new one for me in two ways - firstly, I was running my rig in
stereo (using new little Beringher 802 desk) with my EDPs in the two auxes,
and also because I had a feed from the monitor desk of all the percussion
mics, so that I could mix in live percussion into my loops, and also with
the overhead mics I could capture entire sections of the whole band 
and mangle them... which worked remarkably well, and will no be a feature 
any future collaborative looping projects... watch this space for more on

> I was wondering this week about the Critical Mass folks - Last year at
> time I asked after it and was told the show was every other year.  
> they're not going to do it this year either!  If I hear anything I'll let
> you know.

Critical Mass isn't happening this year  - there will be a 'Stations Of The
Cross' instillation at St Luke's over Easter, but I don't think it'll be
including any live music, or looping. However, linking both those themes, I
did do a live gig on Saturday night creating 14 improv pieces with Jez Carr
(pianist on Conversations), and looping guitarist, Evil Harv, based on the
Stations of the Cross - we had classic works of art based on each of the
stations which were being projected onto a wall behind us, and we got stuck
into some pretty spikey scary improv - it's a bit hard to soundtrack the 
up to the crucifixion and burial of Jesus without it being pretty damn 
in places! Anyway, it was a marvellous experience - musically and
spiritually satisfying, and one that I hope Jez, Evil Harv and I can repeat
next year...


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