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Re: Mackie 1202vlz and loop devices config.

It's going to be a tough one without line outs.  If you had line outs 
you could buy a Behringer DI box with speaker simulation for about $30 
(x2 for stereo) and go right into your amp.  I've read good reviews 
about it, but I've never heard or used it myself.

You could just try using the effect send of the amp, but again it will 
probably not sound very good, as to much of your sound coming from the 
tone of the power amp and speaker.  The interaction of the tube power 
stage and speaker is a big part of the tube sound (see last week's 
thread).  The DI box I spoke of would also help here.  How good are 
they?  I don't know.

Here's how I tackled the same problem:  I take the effect loop out and 
go into a Lexicon MPX G2 and instead of going back into the amp, I go 
into the mixer.  Luckily, the G2 has amp and speaker simulation built 
in so it seems to do the trick.  Is it the same as using the amp all 
the way?  No, but it's close enough for my purposes.


On Monday, April 7, 2003, at 01:06 PM, Louie Angulo wrote:

> Hi fellows,
> Well i finally bought a little 1202VLZ Mackie and here
> i am trying to plug things together but i have never
> done anything with a mixer so i am calling for
> suggestions to all you gurus outhere:-)
> Here is what i am trying to accomplish:
> I want to hook up both the repeater and EDP into the
> mixer so that i can loop different instruments into
> both loopers.I however want to play through my tube
> guitar amplifier (because i dont like the sound i am
> getting directly into the mixer) and feed it into the
> mackie so that i can have the punchy tube sound
> looped. My amp only has efx loop send and return but
> unfortunately no line OR XLR out. I am however
> satisfied with the clean sound of my Roland guitar
> synth through the mackie.
> I know one of the solutions would be miking the amp
> but i want to avoid as much noise as possible.
> here is what i have so far:
> Guitar in-GP100 out-echo pro- out-mackie (channel 1)
> Mackie send-GP100 -out-mackie return
> Guitar synth- stereo outs-mackie (channel 5,6)
> Mackie send-Repeater-out-mackie return.
> I would dearly appreciate sharing your experiences or
> suggestions to other wiser configurations:
> Cheers
> l.a
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