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Mackie 1202vlz and loop devices config.

Hi fellows,
Well i finally bought a little 1202VLZ Mackie and here
i am trying to plug things together but i have never
done anything with a mixer so i am calling for
suggestions to all you gurus outhere:-)
Here is what i am trying to accomplish:
I want to hook up both the repeater and EDP into the
mixer so that i can loop different instruments into
both loopers.I however want to play through my tube
guitar amplifier (because i dont like the sound i am
getting directly into the mixer) and feed it into the
mackie so that i can have the punchy tube sound
looped. My amp only has efx loop send and return but
unfortunately no line OR XLR out. I am however
satisfied with the clean sound of my Roland guitar
synth through the mackie.
I know one of the solutions would be miking the amp
but i want to avoid as much noise as possible.
here is what i have so far:
Guitar in-GP100 out-echo pro- out-mackie (channel 1)
Mackie send-GP100 -out-mackie return
Guitar synth- stereo outs-mackie (channel 5,6)
Mackie send-Repeater-out-mackie return.

I would dearly appreciate sharing your experiences or
suggestions to other wiser configurations:


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