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Re: OT: flying with a guitar post 9/11

>Anyone done this?  I'm looking to carry my Steinberger on in a 
>gig-bag and NOT check it, which was never a problem before, but I'm 
>worried they'll think it's a weapon or something. 
>I should probably also remove the "This Machine Kills Fascists" 
>sticker beforehand...

I travel with all sorts of music equipment as carry on and never have 
had any problems besides some extra sniffing at security (but this 
happens many times anyway).  Usually I have a Motormix and my 
Ashboryr rubber stringed bass which are two peculiar items to airport 
peeple.  I just say I am a musician and they usually try to strike up 
a dorky conversation about music.

Oh, and don't remove the sticker.  I feel it should stay.