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Re: flying with a guitar post 9/11

Pre-9/11, I tried traveling internationally with a similar set-up, and the
flight attendants were really really really freaked out.  Apparently,
someone told one of the attendants that I had put something suspicious in 
overhead-locker.  They asked me to stay seated, and took it out of the
locker.  They refused to let me open the case for them to show them what it
was.  They took it examined it, and then checked it into the hold.  At the
other end, somehow it came out all in one piece and none-the-worse for the
experience.  But...

While you and I know what a bass looks like, to people who have seen a 
Bond movie or tow, perhaps they think it can transform into something else.

You may well want to invest in a hard-case and check it in -- and relieve
yourself of the stress....


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> Anyone done this?  I'm looking to carry my Steinberger on in a gig-bag 
NOT check it, which was never a problem before, but I'm worried they'll
think it's a weapon or something.
> I should probably also remove the "This Machine Kills Fascists" sticker
> TH