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Re: [LOOP] [looper's] new toy

I've been looking at getting one of these for about two years now to use 
on my Chapman Stick, for exactly the reasons you describe: not so much as 
an accompaniment unit (although that seems cool as it is), but for the 
potential of a customizable set of triggers of MIDI commands for use with 
my Repeater and/or the rest of the Electrix rack or the Nord (currently), 
and an Echoplex (eventually), essentially an FCB 1010 without taking up 
even more of the stage than I already do :). The Jambass looks to be an 
innovative concept. I'd like to hear more when you actually get a chance 
to test it out. 

Steve Burnett
Subscape Annex (micro-gig spam - next show this Saturday, Raleigh NC)

 On Thu, 3 Apr 2003 goddard.duncan@mtvne.com 

> any of you seen the kellar jam-bass? (www. jambass.com)
> I just got one, largely because I thought it was such a mad unexpected 
>idea that I just had to try it. upon closer investigation, it would seem 
>that the thing has great potential as a midi controller for those of us 
>using guitars or basses with our looping devices. 
> the unit has built-in bass and percussion sounds triggered by the strips 
>of membrane pads that are attached (by sticky stuff) to the back of y'r 
>guitar neck. (they are positioned in two rows to coincide with the frets 
>beneath the E and A strings of a regular-scale guitar). 
> it also has midi-out, and transmits a limited selection of PC's on 
>channel one, corresponding to some GM bass sounds.
> I suspect there's a way of generating other PC's but I'll have to have a 
>play with it.... 
> so it doesn't seem like a great leap to have mr kellar re-write the midi 
>bit with (more easily) user-configurable PC's to drive one's repeater 
>(say). at the moment, the manual suggests relocating your favourite 
>effects patches/presets (in a pod, say, or other midi box) so that the 
>jambass can "find" them with it's existing implementation of PC's...
> but so anyway, I haven't taken it home and tried it yet. can't wait!
> duncan.