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Re: Recording software for Yellowdog Linux

In a message dated 4/3/03 8:27:22 AM, commencement13@hotmail.com writes:

<< I need to find some decent (or any) recording software such as synths, 
mixers, and other tools to use with. Can anyone help? >>

You can always try www.hit-squad.com for starters. Here is what they have 
linux under recording:
bplay   buffered audio play/record program
CDDOIT  CD Creation & Sound
Electric Ears 0.6.7 Audio editor, player and recorder
GramoFile   Record LPs to CD, removing hiss, pop and clicks
KHdRecord 6.2   Record WAVs or encode MP3s directly to your hard drive
Sound Studio 0.2c   Record and play back audio files in various formats
SoX-Sound eXchange 12.17.3  Sox is a general purpose sound 
converter/player/recorder that supports a number of formats
xwave   Audio editor, player, recorder and effects, for XWindow System


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