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Re: EDP -- history of stuff

Steve -

You're right, Kim and Matthias' "separation" of the software from the
hardware was/is very smart.  And I totally agree, the EDP is a very very
cool and unique device.

Back in 1999 when Opcode went belly up, (if memory serves me) I believe
Gibson sold-off the entire Oberheim line (to an Italian company).   Only 
EDP was retained thanks to the efforts of one individual inside Gibson
(who's name is completely escaping me).

I'd say a "two-pronged" press on Gibson helped resuscitate the EDP:

1) Inspiration: "The Man Inside Gibson Who's Name I Cannot Remember" - for
retaining the EDP with Gibson;
2) Demand: Demonstrating market interest in the EDP a number of ways;
including, for example, presenting high LD-site web-traffic stats.  We did
everything we could to demonstrate that if the unit were produced, it would
sell profitably.  One proof-point was presenting to Gibson a "bulk-order"
for over 200+ EDP's with no sales & distribution costs, if they just used
available inventory.

Back in 1999, I'd estimate 99% of Gibson Sales and Marketing would have
understood the EDP to be a tape-based delay!  The point is, unfortunately
unless Gibson could make a buck, they wouldn't have cared if the EDP died.

Ultimately, the quality of the software from Kim and Matthias has created a
unique and wonderful product, which in turn has created the demand and
interest in the EDP.  It's the interest -- manifested by regular EDP
sales -- that keeps it alive.

Actually, I'm curious -- how many readers are using EDP's that they bought
from this 1999 "pre-production" order?

David Kirkdorffer

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> > So, we are very very very lucky that Gibson re-re-re-started production
> > the Echoplex Digital Pro.
> ...It's not 'luck' at all, but more to the business smarts of Kim and
> Matthias in keeping the rights to the unit and licensing it - this way
> development costs are restricted to working on designs/prototypes and
> software (not insubstantial, but not like being saddled with 1000 
> boxes), and they then licence the product... I think it does them a 
> disservice to describe the great situation that we're in re: the EDP as
> 'luck'
> ;o)
> FWIW, I think the EDP is an incredible box - yes, it'd be nice to have a
> stereo version, have a smaller version, have different covers like mobile
> phones so that I could match my nails each time I play... but as it is,
> the best around, and has greatly expanded my musical world. Thanks guys!
> Steve
> www.steve-lawson.co.uk