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Re: EDP cost/promotion/etc -- history of stuff

> So, we are very very very lucky that Gibson re-re-re-started production 
> the Echoplex Digital Pro.

...It's not 'luck' at all, but more to the business smarts of Kim and
Matthias in keeping the rights to the unit and licensing it - this way 
development costs are restricted to working on designs/prototypes and
software (not insubstantial, but not like being saddled with 1000 obselete
boxes), and they then licence the product... I think it does them a little
disservice to describe the great situation that we're in re: the EDP as


FWIW, I think the EDP is an incredible box - yes, it'd be nice to have a
stereo version, have a smaller version, have different covers like mobile
phones so that I could match my nails each time I play... but as it is, 
the best around, and has greatly expanded my musical world. Thanks guys!