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Time to delurk - preparing to gig!

Hello all...I've enjoyed absorbing over the last many months, and
getting to meet at least one of you (Hi Greg!)...now it's time to ask
for some input.

It's time for me to take my gig concept live, and I want to incorporate
looping into what I do.
I've been able to acquire both an EDP w/ footswitch and a Repeater.

I'm keyboard based, so my initial concept is to sync my loopers to my
Kurzweil K2500
via MIDI clock.  I want to have some prerecorded rhythm sequences that I
can mix and play
and loop along with.

Other instruments that I plan on using are a Yamaha VL1 and a Korg
Prophecy, eventually adding
my Nord Modular once I get the data knob fixed.

I'd like to be able to get any of my keyboards into either looper.  I
currently have a couple
of Rane splitter mixers (2x6) that could be used to route stereo outs
from each instrument
to either the loopers or a Roland M120 line mixer.

I'm open to suggestions though, and would especially welcome hearing
from those of you
who use both an EDP and Repeater as I will be attempting.  Anything
regarding audio or MIDI routing
would be most welcome.

Tonefully yours...

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