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Re: KSP8 first impressions....it's a looper, too

Great heavens, no! I have a very hard time discarding old, loved
tools---and the DL8000R is still in heavy rotation...

In fact, I didn't mean to imply that I'm using, or even planning to use,
the KSP8 as a looper, just that it has enough delay memory, and ample
flexibility, to be a serviceable one, along with its stupendous fx. That
would suit me, tho, since I consider myself more of a sound-design type
than a looper, despite my fondness for looping. I'm quite satisfied with
short loops (that I usually post-process) as opposed to using the looping
tool itself to restructure or complexify the looping process, tho I'm
getting intrigued. And I definitely prefer delays to samplers as looping
So, since you asked, I'm also using a UD-Stomp, and the multi-tap
algorithms on both an Eclipse and the KSP8 for a variant that I call
looping; those rhythmic patterns that I mentioned in my little review (also
a fabulously implemented on the DL8000....)


<<So, David, does this mean you've abandoned your Korg units?