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Re: [looper's] RE: Echoplex sighting

--- goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
> I've never seen or heard of a dj who bought,
> say, a repeater. maybe electrix didn't do the right
> sort of promotion, but you'd think a dedicated
> bpm-able looping device /with rca sockets and an
> riaa pre-amp onboard/, for heaven's sake....
> you can lead a horse to water (&c)....

Wow. I find that really surprising; I had really
gotten the idea from Electrix' whole marketing
strategy beginning with their pre-repeater line that
they were targetting the DJ market more than the,
errrm, "people who play musical instruments" market
(being careful not to differentiate DJs from
'musicians' and inadvertently open a very old can o'
value-judging worms...).

Since I really have very little contact with the DJ
scene, I had no idea that this wasn't true...


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